Apiguard Varroa Treatment

Apiguard Varroa Treatment

I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago about my probable intention to use MAQs strips whilst still considering Apiguard. Based on comments, emails and conversations with 3 beekeepers (who had 25-300 hives and all used different treatments), I have concluded that Apiguard best meets my needs for August treatment.

Why Apiguard?

  1. I have already taken off the honey and hence have time to use Apiguard and without tainting the honey
  2. MAQs strips may affect the queen and brood
  3. I have low Varroa counts (0 in one of my hives) and I don’t need to take any risks with the colony

I would use MAQs strips in May/June if I had high Varroa.

Apiguard Application

  • Current status: 14 x 12 hives with one super on each, containing some stores (not for extraction)
  • Plan: Remove Queen Excluders, place supers below the brood box, place the Apiguard on top of the brood box
  • Rationale: Apiguard on brood box means it is closer to the bees and super below brood box provides more space for food for the bees

I won’t be using Apiguard in the hive with no Varroa.

Estimated Number Of Varroa In Hives

A couple of years ago I had colonies with 1,000 varroa.  Now, the estimated number of varroa in the hives is low and as follows.

  • Hive 1 – 75 Varroa  (August count)
  • Hive 2 – No Varroa (July count)
  • Hive 3 – 130 Varroa (June count)
  • Hive 5 – 130 Varroa (June count)

More details about the counts in the Hive Record Cards.

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Apiguard Varroa Treatment — 5 Comments

  1. Did I miss the post about how much honey you harvested this year? How many supers did you end up with (I, for one, remember the great vote), did the bees fill them? Did you need to do 2 harvests?

  2. Thanks for this – it’s useful to hear your reasons. I’m curious about the super below the brood box – will you leave this on all winter? I have some half filled and uncapped supers that I won’t attempt to extract. I’ve only kept bees for a couple of years and have never left them on before, but is underneath the brood box a good system? I guess the bees stay near the top in the winter and it will be warmer there? Have you fed your bees yet or will that be after the Apiguard – I have heard of people doing both?

    • I put all the super frames with bits of nectar and honey into one super and put this below the brood box.

      Rationale: (1) Yes – bees are further away from the cold and warmer, I have heard they over-winter better; (2) allowed me to put the Apiguard right on top of the brood box; (3) it gives them more stores for the winter and I couldn’t extract it anyhow.

      The bees have plenty of stores at present. I’ll assess after Apiguard treatment and see if they need feeding. Hence, I’ll feed in September/October. Don’t get caught out like I did last year: Starving Bees.

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