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A couple of beekeeping, Kiwi hippys interviewed me for their regular podcast .  We chatted about how I got into beekeeping, my best moments and why I’m still afraid of bees. It takes a few minutes to warm up but please do have a listen, or check out their other podcasts. They’ve interviewed other beekeepers like Emma and Emily from London and Philip Chandler (the Barefoot Beekeeper).

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Gary & MaGary & Margaretrgaret

Gary & Margaret

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Beekeeping Podcast — 4 Comments

  1. Like FAR out Man, just cause we dig the bees Man, doesn’t make us Hippies.

    Wow man that is so heavy Roger man.

    Vegetable Rights and Peace…Gary and Margaret 🙂

    P.S. Thanks Man for coming on the show, we dug rapping with ya. Moonbeam recipe is on its way…

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