UK Beekeepers Needed

Anna is a student at the University of Bristol and is conducting research to understand the impact of beekeeping practise on honeybee decline.  There is more information below and Anna’s contact details if you want to be included.  I understand she needs 5 more beekeepers for her study.

Anthropological Analysis Of Beekeeping Practise In The UK

What is the purpose of this study?

Honeybees have suffered serious declines globally. Research has concluded that there is no single explanation for the rise in mortality, and that it is most likely a combination of many direct and indirect stressors. One such area of this debate is beekeeping practise, which is what this study will be exploring. The aim is to speak to 30 beekeepers over the telephone or on Skype about their bees, their experiences since becoming a beekeeper, and their thoughts on the decline of the honeybee in general.

What does participation entail?

You will be required to commit to one short telephone or Skype interview lasting around 10-20 minutes. During the interview, I will ask you about yourself, about how you came to become a beekeeper, what you do with your bees now and how you do it.

Why have I been invited to participate?

This invitation is open to all beekeepers, new and old, commercial and sideliner, and is available to be passed on to recommended friends should they also wish to speak with me. As my work is essentially an exploration of views, I am interested in talking to beekeepers from all walks of life and with varying opinions on the debate. This is a chance for you to have your voice heard and be among the first to contribute towards an analytical debate surrounding yourself and your bees.

What are the possible benefits of taking part?

There is no direct benefit to the participant as I am not in a position to advise on best practise; however, you will be lending your voice to a currently underexplored but very important area of research, therefore the indirect benefits to taking part are plenty.

There are no known disadvantages to taking part in this study.

What should I do if I want to take part?

Taking part in this research is open to anyone and is voluntary. If you do decide you would like to be involved, please call, text or email me on 0771523856/ and let me know. I will get back to you as soon as possible and we can arrange a date and time for the interview. I hope to finish the interview process by the end of February.

What will happen to the results of the research study?

The results of this research study are for my dissertation topic. The final piece of work could be published but will most likely be used in concurrence with my postgraduate research project. If so, all participants will be informed of this. You are welcome to request a copy of the finished piece once it has been completed. I have provided both my university and my home email address so that you can keep in contact with me should you wish to order a copy after I leave University.

Who is organising and funding the research?

I am conducting this research as an Archaeology & Anthropology undergraduate student for my dissertation at the University of Bristol. There is no funding for this research. This research has been approved by the University of Bristol Research Ethics Committee.

Contact for Further Information

Anna: 07715238567

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Nadine Armstrong and I’m working on my Master’s Thesis at the University of Southern Mississippi. I’m in the Anthropology department and have started to research my thesis topic. So far, I have narrowed it down to an anthropological study based around beekeeping. I was searching on the internet and discovered UK Beekeepers for your Anthropological Analysis of Beekeeping in the UK. I was just curious how everything was going so far and if you had had any luck with getting data. Good luck!

    Nadine Armstrong

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