14×12 Thermosolar Hives For Sale

14×12 Thermosolar Hives For Sale

Location: Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, GL12, UK

As I mentioned in my last post, in July this year I started a very busy job.  To use the Thermosolar Hive effectively one needs a day above 20C to be able to be near these hives to deliver the thermosolar treatment and kill the varroa.  Ideally, you would deliver two thermosolar treatments in April/May and then another two in August/September.

I work in an office 5 days a week and then two children and many jobs need my attention at weekends, hence I cannot be sure of being free on a couple of key weekends to deliver the treatment.

I have written about these amazing hives that deliver chemical-free, varroa treatment here:

I am sad to not be using them but I would rather someone else used them effectively and then wrote 2 reviews per year (with photos) for 3 years.  This will help readers understand this new hive better.

The hives were painted and put into the allotment in the Summer (2017). They are very high quality. There is a brood box, 3 supers, roof and solar panel.

These hives retail new for £530 ($690) and I will sell for £400 each (or nearest offer), plus the reviews.

Please contact me using Contact Form and please leave a phone number as we may need to discuss.

I have nucs of bees and other items for sale as I scale down my operation: Items for sale

Thermosolar Hive Photos

Thermosolar Hive (Green) With Bees

Thermosolar Hive (Green) With Bees

Thermosolar Hive (Blue) With Bees

Thermosolar Hive (Blue) With Bees

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