The Beekeeper’s Wife

I’ve asked my wife to let you know the reality of sharing your partner with a hive.   She’s not a fan of “beasts” (i.e. insects) and the photo below shows the closest she has ventured to my beehives.

Beekeepers wife

In her own words …

The Pros

  • Roger finally has a proper hobby which means I get time to watch ‘Don’t Tell the Bride’ and other such nonsense without him telling me it degrades my brain
  • He seems happier, more upbeat and enthusiastic about life these days. I’d like to think the marriage and pregnancy has something to do with that – but I think I have to share a bit of the credit with the hives

 The Cons

  • He talks about his hobby A LOT. This blog manages to capture about 10% of his bee-thoughts and I get the rest. Considering I don’t even like honey (let alone crawling flying insects which sting), I can’t say I’m naturally interested but I think I have perfected the interested nod (important in any marriage) and encourage Roger to get his bee-updates out the ways when friends come round for dinner. BE WARNED!
  • He’s already looking at bee-keeping suits for children

If you want to read how we are getting on, try It’s A Girl.


The Beekeeper’s Wife — 6 Comments

  1. Heidi,
    But have you had any honey from Roger’s hives? I think the honey from my hives is waaaaaaaaayyyy better than any store bought honey.

    Glad you’re being such a good sport to your bee-nerd (that’s what my friend called me when I showed up to lunch with a beekeeping catalog) husband.

    • From Heidi:
      Hi Mil, I look forward to trying Roger’s honey when it finally appears. And if I still don’t like honey on my toast I’ll try convincing him to make some lip wax and candles for me! Ta, Heidi.

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