Beehaus For Sale

Beehaus For Sale

If you have  a beehaus for sale or are looking for a second-hand beehaus, please feel free to use this page to find each other.  I might be tempted to buy it off you myself!

Please visit the Beehaus Promotion page for details of voucher codes, offers and discounts.


Beehaus For Sale — 56 Comments

  1. I have a Beehaus complete for sale £225 it has been used but is in very good condition

    4 Cover Boards
    2 Clearer Boards
    4 Supers
    Inspection Tray
    Hive Divider
    4 Queen Excluders
    10 Deep National Brood Frames
    10 National Super Frames
    Beehaus Inspection Book

    Based in Liverpool Merseyside.

  2. I’m thinking of switching from Nationals to Beehaus, so if you have one for sale within 100 miles of Kings Lynn (or if you can ship) please contact me on 01945 701507

  3. Hi, I would like a second hand Beehaus and anything for a beginner waiting for his first nuc. I will travel to most places UK/Ireland. Price of a new one seems a bit steep! Thanks

    • Hi Jas, might be a bit late but I am selling my beehaus if you are interested. It is complete, but with 2 sets of supers and cover/clearer boards. This is in the green colour. Looking for around £250. I am in Dorset.

      8 Cover Boards
      4 Clearer Boards
      8 Supers
      Inspection Tray
      Hive Divider
      4 Queen Excluders
      Beehaus manual


      Carole Davies

      • Hi Carol, this just popped into my email as I have a search out for a Beehaus, I am Bristol and am able to travel to Dorset with ease, could I see some photos please.
        Thank you, Rebecca

        • Hi Rebecca,

          I have since put the Beehaus on ebay for auction and as it has 1 bid for £200 I need to let it run the course. However I have attached some photo’s in case you want to place a bid?
          It is on for collection only.

          Kind regards


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  4. Hi, I have a second-hand Beehaus for sale in very good condition at £220. The colour of the Beehause is purple. The hive has remnants of propolis. I have cleaned it with a mixture of strong washing soda and bleach.
    The Beehaus comprises:

    1 Omlet Beehaus broodbox
    1 Roof with elastic grips
    4 Supers with 4 Cover Boards
    2 Clearer Boards with 2 Rhombus Bee Escapes
    4 Queen Excluders
    Hive Divider
    Dummy Board
    Inspection Tray
    2 Entrance Adapters
    10 used, but cleaned, Hoffman 14 x 12 frames

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